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The Pike weighed 27lbs, caught at Bewl Water, Lamberhurst, Kent , only seven years after Bewl was flooded! If I am unavailable I'm probably looking for it's mum.

I find HTML 4.0 is easily forgotten, so please forgive the primitive web page design. The ancillary pages link to some of my research in Mathematical Finance, resources for PhD students and problems with solutions (sometimes) for those attending the course, Mathematical Option Pricing, as part of the MSc in Mathematics and Finance run by the Mathematics Department at Imperial College . There are three main file types associated with these pages. Latex .dvi files, .ps (postscript) files and a small number of .pdf files. To be able to view these files you will need some special software. Those using Linux, SUSE 6.x or later and Redhat 5.y or later, for example, will have the software required as part of the distribution. Of course, you may have to install it if you have not already done so. Roughly speaking, you need the Latex package for .dvi files, Ghostview, or some other Postscript Viewer, for .ps files and Acroread, the Adobe Acrobat Reader for Linux, for the .pdf files. I noticed that the Linux Postscript viewer will open .pdf files but it seems to miss out some of the file. Many of you will have the misfortune to be using some version of Microsoft Windows as an operating system. You have my sympathy. There is a package for creating and viewing Latex documents which runs under Windows, it is called MikTex and is available from the College Sunsite via the link. To view postscript files I have sometimes used Ghostview. The link will take you to the College SunSite, there may be a postscript viewer there.....there may not. The Adobe Acrobat Reader seems to be included in most software nowdays but the link will take you to a download if you don't have it. One of the links below take you to scanned notes from the course MP3