Course Materials for Numerical Bifurcation Analysis with AUTO

LDSG Graduate School 2005-2006

Jan Sieber and Thomas Wagenknecht

This website gives access to the course material for the AUTO and HomCont course at the LDSG Graduate School 2005. The following documents and files can be downloaded.

These are the slides of the first lecture.
Note that more information on the mathematical theory behind continuation techniques can be found on the AUTO97 Website. This file comprises pdf files containing a list of AUTO commands, AUTO constants, HomCont constants, and a brief review of Fortran. This file contains the AUTO files for Bazykin's predator prey system. When unzipped it generates two directories: /baz, which contains the equations and constant files for the continuation of equilibria and periodic orbits, and /hombaz, which contains the files for the continuation of homoclinic orbits in the model. Please consult the readme.txt file in each directory for further information. This file contains the AUTO files for the computation of 2-homoclinic orbits near a Shilnikov saddle-focus homoclinic orbit in the AUTO-Demo cir. A directory/cir is created after unzipping the file. Please consult readme.txt in that directory for more information and references for the method.
Note that this file will only work with the version of AUTO97 made available to participants during the course.

If you have questions and comments please contact the lecturers.