Richard V. Craster
Richard Craster

I am a Professor within the applied mathematics and mathematical physics AMMP section of the Mathematics department of Imperial College London. I also hold adjunct/visiting professorships at the University of Alberta , Brunel University and an invited professorship at the University of Aix-Marseilles. I am also currently the Head of the Mathematics Department at Imperial College.

I am currently one of the executive editors for the Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics (I am happy to receive electronic pdf submissions to the Journal). I am also an Associate Editor of Wave Motion and the Journal of Engineering Mathematics and submissions for these should be made through the journal editorial system.

This webpage contains a brief summary of my research interests, other details such as a list of publications , recent talks and presentations, and some useful external links can be found by clicking on the highlighted text.

Research Interests

My interests span across Fluid Mechanics and Elasticity/Electromagnetism, primarily motivated by Engineering and Physics applications, and is often performed in close collaboration with scientists from those disciplines.

In Fluid mechanics my interests are in fluid flows on the microscale concentrating on thin film theories, the effects of surfactants , electrokinetics and coupling between elastic substrates and fluid flow.

In Solid Mechanics and Electromagnetism current interests are in wrinkling and buckling of thin elastic plates, fracture mechanics, trapped modes, slow waves in optics and high frequency homogenization theory for microstructured media.

If you are looking around for a Phd place, I would be happy to discuss potential Phd projects in these areas. There are several avenues for postdoctoral funding, most of which need some sponsorship from a faculty member, and if you are interested in my research then look at these schemes and then contact me.

My old webpage is accessible here and it contains more information all be it somewhat outdated.
If you would like any reprints or further information feel free to email me. r.craster (and then
Richard Craster

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