Prof Alexei N. Skorobogatov

room 664 telephone +44(0)207594 8493 e-mail a.skorobogatov(at)

Publications from 2001 and preprints Talks Graduate courses Lectures in CNU Beijing

Workshop "New directions in rational points" Chennai Mathematical Institute, 7-12 January 2024

Editorial advisor: Bulletin and Journal of LMS

Conferences which I co-organised: Manin memorial Swinnerton-Dyer memorial Rational points on irrational varieties K3 surfaces and Galois representations Points rationnels et géométrie algébrique Grothendieck memorial conference (LPNTS June 2015) Arithmetic geometry, Chow groups and rational points Arithmetic of abelian varieties in families Rational and integral points, with special reference to homogeneous spaces Cohomological methods in arithmetic geometry Arithmetic geometry and homotopy theory Cohomological methods in abelian varieties Torsors: theory and applications Rational Points on Curves and Higher Dimensional Varieties Arithmetic of K3 surfaces

Research trimester in Paris 2019 Reinventing rational points Research semester in Lausanne 2012 Rational points and algebraic cycles Editorship 2008-2015 Journal de l’Institut Mathématique de Jussieu

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