Viscous Flow

This is the home page for the 3rd/4th year Mathematics course on viscous fluid mechanics. It complements the course `Inviscid Fluid Mechanics.' Neither of these courses is a prerequisite for the other, although they should provide mutual reinforcement, and you are encouraged to attend both. Some familiarity with the core methods course M2M1 should be considered essential for each.

Fluid dynamics is a fascinating and important subject, of which examples occur all around us every day. The picture on the right, showing three consecutive images of a falling milkdrop, was taken by Harold Edgerton in 1957 using strobe lighting. The photo on the left was taken by John Bush of MIT - it shows a highly complex but stable "fishbone" structure formed when two jets collide.

This page is under development and will change as the course progresses. Here is the syllabus.

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