Teaching Materials

Introduction to Mixed Hodge Theory (LSGNT, 26th Feb 2016)

Here is a writeup of the lecture in PDF

M3P21 Geometry II: Algebraic Topology (Spring 2015)

Office Hours: Thursdays 12:00-13:00 in Huxley 673 or by appointment.
There will be four sets of assessed homework. I will hand them out roughtly every two weeks and you will have 14 days to complete each. The combined homework mark is worth 10% of your total mark.


Here are the (unofficial) notes for the course, written up by Edoardo Fenati an Tim Westwood based on the course as given in 2014. BIG special thanks to Edoardo and Tim!


Homework 1, Homework 2, Homework 3, Homework 4
Solutions 1, Solutions 2, Solutions 3
Feedback 1, Feedback 2

Mastery Question

If you are an MSci or MSc student, then you will have to take the Mastery Paper. For this course this means: read section 1.B of Hatcher "K(G,1) Spaces and Graphs of Groups" (pp. 87--96) AND do the problems.

New perspectives on the classification of Fano manifolds (Udine 29 Sep-03 Oct 2014)

Udine Examples pdf

Extremal Laurent Polynomials (Grenoble School on "Moduli of curves and Gromov-Witten theory" June 2011)

Here are the notes based on my 4 lectures at the School PDF

M1P1 Analysis I (Spring 2011)

Notes 1, Notes 2, Notes 3, Notes 4.

BME102 (Winter 2011)

Problem sheet 7, sheet 8, sheet 9, sheet 10; Solutions sheet 7, sheet 8, sheet 9, sheet 10.

New Methods in Orbifold Gromov-Witten Theory (Pisa June 2008)

Pisa Examples ps, PDF

Elementary Number Theory M3P14 (Autumn 2008)

Problem sheet 1, sheet 2, sheet 3, sheet 4, sheet 5

Solutions sheet 2, sheet 3, sheet 4
Enhanced coursework

Higher dimensional minimal models and flips (Grenoble June-July 2007)

Problem sheet1, sheet2, sheet3, sheet4

K3 Surfaces (Lent 2005)


Number Theory (Michaelmas 2004)

Example sheet1, sheet2, sheet3, sheet4, sheet5

Groups Rings and Fields (Lent 2003)

Example sheet1, sheet2, sheet3, sheet4

Basic Algebraic Geometry (Michaelmas 2002)

Example sheet1, sheet2